An LV GP38 to D&H, DC to DCC conversion project
Well, Tom, the GP40 is exactly the same manufacturer, vintage and design as the GP38 that I turned into a DCC unit last year.  If there were areas that I didn't address well in that build, let me know and I'll try to focus in on those with this loco.  I don't plan to take many pictures since I'll be doing exactly what I did with the LV unit above, but that can change if you need some additional information.  Here's the beast out of the box:


The snowplow is coming tomorrow, but no rush on that.  After disassembly I'll be working on the innards, connecting to the wheels, motor, adding LEDs.  

The 5 Reading GP40-2's were the only Reading locos ever to get their road number placed on the top of the hood.  Wondering if Conrail ever patched that - none of the post 1976 shots showed the roofs.

Once I get the unit working on DCC I'll be doing some moderate weathering.
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