An LV GP38 to D&H, DC to DCC conversion project
Back in business with the delivery of some new LEDs.  Chassis is now fully functional and I've just finished adding a plow - same process used as with the former Athearn LV GP39-2 above.  It's now time to weather.  As with the GP39-2, this unit didn't spend a whole lot of time working for the Reading before being turned over to Conrail, so aside from some rusting along edges of panels and road dust on the lower half, I don't plan to make this unit look too decrepit - I'd imaging that these would have been some of the newest power on the Conrail roster in August of 1976.

I do have a problem, though.  The green on the body is wrong.  It's a little too bright and a little too light.  It's probably a good Burlington and Northern green, or an MKT green, but not a Reading green.  I provided a picture of my recent GP39-2 unit for the Delaware and Hudson (former Reading), and that's more appropriate. 


 A lot of times you need to de-emphasize the delivered paint scheme to make the locomotive look faded by sun, but in this case, I need to darken the whole thing.  After I add soot in the louvers and fan covers via black paint, I was going to make up a black wash (alcohol and some black acrylic paint).  However, I remembered that many years ago I'd purchased some RIT fabric dyes to attempt to dye polyfil (didn't work).  Thought I'd give the stuff a try.  Made a wash out of it and lathered up each side of the locomotive (waiting for each side the dry before moving on to the next).  First coat was not enough.  Second was getting better.  Third and we're getting there.  Each layer seems to add a little more tooth for the dye to grab.  With the alcohol as the thinning agent, I didn't have to wait long between coats.  Here's a shot as the third coat is drying.  I'm pretty happy with it, and I don't have to put up with something I don't think is prototypical.  Thes layers will also help to accept the PanPastels I'll be getting out in a few minutes.

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