Juneco Two stall enginehouse
Well I colored the walls over the past couple days:

I started with staining the outer walls with an alcohol and india ink stain to weather it.


Then I brush painted the walls with Depot Buff. Not enough to fully cover the staining in places. I want the look of a weathered industrial building. 
I also took some time and airbrushed all the windows and doors in Boxcar red.


A painted wall with the doors and windows loosely fitted. I wasn't completely sold on the color choice I had made at first. I had briefly considered just airbrushing all the walls in boxcar red to match the windows.
I definitely think the red windows on normal wood looks excellent
Modeling the East Broad Top as it was between 1937-1942
Nice progress. The windows and doors look great.
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Thanks. I think the color combination has grown on me so I'll keep it. I do think I should tone down/ weather the window and doors a bit though, probably drybrushing a lighter color would work.

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