Weekly Photo fun 2/9/2024 to 2/15
My son sent me some photos of my old layout that him and his brother are remodeling. It is in a basement room that is 17x28 feet. We sold the house to him when we retired and found our place out of town. 
Nothing new again this week, so here's one from 2017.

SW-8 8620 leads WPMA-40 thru Chestnut Neck.


The D&H Lightning stripes (including this pair of Altlas RS-36's) are among the first consist to run over newly ballasted track here in the gorge.  I'm going to run a rehearsal and clean up the layout for a special track-view video later tonight (knock on wood).  I'm going to try running my video car in the opposite routing I've used in prior layout videos - should give a new perspective.

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Lending a helping hand

Which one?
Moderato ma non troppo
Perth & Exeter Railway Company
Esquesing & Chinguacousy Radial Railway
In model railroading, there are between six and two hundred ways of performing a given task.
Most modellers can get two of them to work.
Hi David---steam rules on the Leetown Division---the Geep needs a push to tackle the Stoney Creek Hill.

Here's the Spud Special with a consist of BAR cars filled with potatoes from the State of Maine.

Pulling coal loads and shoving empties to and from the mine.

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I can smell a steam post ten blocks away and when I do clear the tracks because the steam express will be hi ballin through

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