Bowser DC-71 motor
Hello all -

I recently picked up a 25+ year old Bowser 2-8-0 kit.  It has the DC-71 open frame motor. 

The kit has gone together well so far, but upon opening the motor I noticed lots of "magnetic dust" on the magnet.  I cleaned as much off as I could by vacuuming and compressed air.  Upon bench testing the motor detached from the chassis, it is overloading my Tech II power pack almost instantly when I get above 1/4 throttle.  When it overloads, the motor is very hot (more than just warm - but not to the point of smoking). I know these motors are current hogs, but I think this pack should be able to handle it.  I cleaned the commutator and brushes, and the armature spins freely.  The armature does not look damaged at all from a mechanical standpoint.  I tried replacing the magnet with neodymium magnets, but the result is the same.  The motor otherwise starts fine and runs smoothly at low speed.

Anything else to check here before I call this motor dead?  I may fiddle with the spring strength on the brushes, but the only other thing I can think of is that the armature has a short somewhere in the windings.

Thoughts?  I contacted Bowser, but if I have to replace the motor I will probably upgrade to a can motor to reduce current draw.
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it's not the motor as much as its the magnet it needs to have a new magnet if a suitable on can't be found i would suggest a can motor that will fit in the space. if you want to stay with an open frame send me the measurements and will look through my box of open frame ones to see if i have one that would work.

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