First laser cut structure kit for me



I have some of the wood floor and walls glued in place now, been too tired to get the project completed this week may be by mid next week I can call the build complete and work on the details most are unpainted white metal castings which need flashing removed cleaned up and painted. I will need to come up with a way to hang the fan and lights as well.
Hope to have some major progress pics by mid next week.
Will be working on the laser cut station kit Sunday and then hopefully completed by Wednesday and then I will start working in the details as most need assembly and painting. By Thursday may have some pics of station completed and detailed, still looking for figures that would fit the 30's-40's era or slightly before.
No major progress yet, but did clean up in the workshop so I can complete station kit but here are 2 pics of what is done so far with a Lionel locomotive to give an idea of how big the station is(O scale).


Trimmed the paper wall sections on the station today, next pics will show the completed wall wood panels(printed paper) completed.

Next stage is to prep the white metal details and maybe scratch a station platform and diorama to show off station once completed until I can build a layout or module worthy of the model train

Progress pics to follow in a day or so.
Well need two more interior walls to print up still but here are some pics of the walls being test fitted before gluing in place.



Just a little bit of progress on the station today,




while paint and glue dry on flat car kit I started up on a laser cut kit of a baggage cart and test placed some details just for fun.



Latest progress,


Reposting of last few progress pics of laser structure kit.




Looking good!

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