Ye Olde Huff N Puff kit builds

Will be posting some progress soon on the Huffnpuff kits.
Here are 2 pics of what I have done so far. Have strung the underside of one flat(still needs painted underside) the other 3 are painted waiting to be strung. The progress is that I have installed the stake pockets on all 4 flats, not much but it is progress.


I have come to a stopping point on the flats did not want to get out the paint just for one flat car so started up on a Moxie old time boxcar so I have 2 cars now to paint, still need to get some O 3-rail trucks for the flats but have a stock pile of S trucks and couplers(I have 2 Moxie kits one in O and one in S which I have started up on). Trying to see how well metal blackener works on the detail bits. here are the pics of the progress so far.





Updated pics to follow soon of the flats and the Moxie box car Smile

The Ye ole Huff n Puff kits are fun to build and look good as well, may get a few more in S, On30, and O scale / gauges.
Well here are some up dated pics of the flat cars, still need some underside details and securing the loads.





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