Tichy Flat cars for logging
Those are some nice-looking logs, Glen - good texture and colour, too. :tada: :tada:

Do you know what kind of bushes your friend was pruning? Did you have to do much additional work to get them looking so good?

Great job! :tada:
I used old privet hedge -- well fresh privet hedge, actually -- for a load on my layout. I pulled it out of the tunnel one day and found that the ends had been gnawed. Probably the same thing that went after the Jelly Bellies that I was using for coal and haggis loads. We had our chimney replaced later that year.
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I think it might be Lilac bush but I'm not sure. I pretty much just cut them to length and glued them together. I sprayed some RR tie brown to cover the glue marks and some roof brown to color the chain (it was brass) looking back I probably should have painted the chain before I attached it to the loads.

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