The Hobo Camp Fire Is going well #VIII.. Stop In!!!
Hello Blue
I'm just checking in to say we are having a string of very beautiful days.
Low 80s, low humidity.
Garden is not all in yet but we are working on it.
No toy train news.
TCA.....Detroit3Railers.....Glancy modular layout(Detroit historical Society)
Greetings, gang.

Sunny and 69 outside my window this morning. High for today is supposed to be in the upper 80s. 90s are predicted for the weekend with high humidity.

Quiet day yesterday. Went to the gym in the morning and completed my first 14 mile bike ride of the season after lunch. After that I mowed the yard. In the process of all that outdoor activity I managed to sunburn the top of my head (again). Seems I manage to do that at least once each summer.

This morning I've already been to the grocery store. Next up is yard work. Need to run the string trimmer and clean up the tracks. Also need to put down some bug spray. The back yard was particularly active yesterday afternoon.

All stay safe.

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