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Afternoon.  Slow and tired.  Sore from bending and etc.  Getting ready for deer season gets harder each year.  Not from the work to be done but from the age.

Had MRI brain scan.  Think they found a brain.  Icon_e_biggrin 

Rest the rest of the day.
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Morning.  Headed east to get corn in feeders and get them going.

Have a good one.
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Good morning, yet another day over 100 for us. No records, but we're close.

Had a funny (maybe dumb) thing happen. Yesterday, I noticed a couple of spot labels on a fridge that we have out in the garage. I removed one and it said, "peel off enlever desprender". I hadn't a clue what an "enlever desprender" was so as usual, I went on the Net to find out. Apparently, I'm not the only one taken by this, there were others with the same question. It turns out that it just means "peel off" in three different languages, English, Spanish and French and the label was there just to be sure you knew it was on a glass tray. 35 35 Icon_redface
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Greetings, gang.

Bright sunshine and 46 this morning headed for a high of about 64. Possible frost by the weekend.

Got the laundry all caught up yesterday and that's about it. Not much planned for today either.

All stay safe.

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