doctorwayne's 2021 Do Something Challenge - Part 1
That's a lot of cutting an d gluing. Even seems like more work than the standard-to-narrow gauge conversions I have done where I have shortened and narrowed cars!

What are the things that look like finish nails sticking down from the floors?
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(04-06-2021, 10:07 AM)nachoman Wrote: What are the things that look like finish nails sticking down from the floors?

Surprisingly, they are finishing nails, but they're meant to represent vapour regulators (often referred to as "steam traps").  The Branchline (now Atlas) passenger cars have ones in plastic that are much better-detailed , but all I'm attempting to do is make it look like there's important stuff under these cars.  Once they're painted, they fit in pretty well, without drawing too much attention.

A little more progress to report on the first four cars of my Challenge.  Here's the two identical CNR 8-1-3 cars, this one showing the compartment side (the interior is not yet in-place)...


...while this one displays the aisle side....


...both cars still need window shades and their underbodies painted, and I think I'll also add extensions to the centre-sill, as there's too much daylight showing between the top of the trucks and the bottoms of the cars.

Here's the shortened EG&E postal car... needs a bunch of sill steps, some bars  and shades for the windows, doors for the ends, and some black paint for the roof and the car's ends.

...and finally, the EG&E Duplex sleeper...


It has window shades installed, but I think that I'll add a divider/view-block down the centre of the car, as this car supposedly has a centre aisle, rather than an aisle along one side....viewers shouldn't be able to see the windows on the other side through the windows on the side being viewed.   The car also needs its roof and ends painted black.

I hope to get these four cars done soon.  I'll also be working on the former dining car that was shown in its shortened form...I've decided to modify the car's centre sill by cutting a couple of feet off each end, so that I can move the trucks' mounting-points inboard.  This will allow better truck-swing when I install the sill steps at the car's corners.

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