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Thought I might post some pics of one of my lease units.There will be pics of other units in this thread too.
This one is a KATO GP35 being converted to a GP38-3 (deturboed and derated to 2,000 hp) it's not done yet but half the fun is sharing what your doing .Right?

[Image: mtsl-2a.jpg]

[Image: mtsl-2b.jpg]

Loco is DCC (DH123D) needs head and ditchlights,one fan removed and a horn most likely a 5 chime of some sort.I am undecided as to wether I want to leave the front light where it is or mount it on the low nose.That is what I did with this units sister loco using a ATLAS SD35 low nose with headlight

I will post pics of the other unit soon.
That is an interesting project. I have four Kato SF/BNSF Gp35. Two got the front light in the nose and are labeled for GP35u. It would be great to convert the other two into GP38-3.
I am watching you Smile

The sister unit to this one http://www.the-gauge.net/forum/viewtopic...=17&t=5759 has the nose mounted lights done in what I concider the easy way.I bought two ATLAS SD35 hoods with nose lights and just cut filed and glued the short hood to mate to the KATO shell.I have not decided if I will do the same with this one as I have two SD40-2s to convert to modern CSX locos with low nose headlights.

Thare/were a lot of 4 axle EMD units converted to GP38-3s besides the 35s. NS has a ion going program converting excess GP60s .Both of my GP35s are only non DCC ready units so I will have to fuss with the lighting on both of them.
Here's a little trick if you have multples of a cerain loco like I do.I got this idea from a friend of mine at the club.

The whole idea is to put the road # and the brand and part number of the decoder you used for the locos.If you can't read my writing (sometimes I can't Nope ) it says #4420- Digitrax DH123D all the information needed to make sure the right shell and chassis are reunited.

[Image: dcc-info.jpg]
Looking good but you need to paint em' orange and in black lettering put Nantahala Midland on the sides! Eek Goldth
If you have the decals I have some N scale locos looking for a paint job. :mrgreen:
I did have some spares around, I'll have to try and find em'.
Got some weathering done,still need lights but those cost money I don't have to spare at the moment.

[Image: mtsl-2c.jpg]

[Image: mtsl-2d.jpg]
Mr. Edwards.......

Well I'll be! It has been a VERY LONG time! (At this point, your probably wondering who in the H-e-double hockey sticks is this guy!?)

LOL its John, my name should bring back memories but.....I'll see if you know first.. I was and still am a BIG B&O fanatic!

Anyway, NICE work on the dash 3....
Mr. Edwards?? Am I really THAT old? Anyway a few pics of another current project this time a GE U 28-B from Athearn.

[Image: u28-b2hh.jpg]

[Image: u28-b1hh.jpg]

[Image: u28-b3hh.jpg]

Since these pics were taken I have drilled the holes for the nose grab irons.The high short hood (why does that sound silly?) was made by raising the low nose to the proper height and filling in the blank area with sheet styrene.The loco has nickel silver wheels by Jay-Bee and will be recieving a DigiTrax decoder once all the body work is done.

You may notice the EMD Blomberg truck sideframes these will be changed out to the correct ones the Blombergs are there because this chassis was assembled for a B23-7 which were built with trade in EMD trucks (all 10 of them) but that project is on hold till I can find some ATLAS railings for it.

[LOL its John, my name should bring back memories but.....I'll see if you know first.. I was and still am a BIG B&O fanatic!]

The name is familiar but I can't really place you. Nope Tell me more .I suffer from CRS. Eek
Catt, sent PM!

As for the posting of the high nose Uboat. They ALWAYS look different with a high nose on them!

Good looking unit tho! To bad the B&O/C&O didn't have any with a high nose!
Got the paint stripped and the grab irons finnished.Have the long hood railing done since this pic was taken.hope to get the rest of the railings today along with a coat of primer applied.Then do the decoder tomorrow so I can program for the club Thursday (club openhouse) and put a few scale miles on it.

[Image: u28-b4hh.jpg]
Some progress,not happy with the front railing.I may just replace it.

[Image: u28-b5hh.jpg]
Well,this one is ready for primer then paint.Unfortunatly it is to wet and to cold for a trip to the paint booth (driveway ) so it gerts to be ugly for another day or two.With a little luck I will get the decoder installed today so I can get it programmed tonight.

[Image: u28-b6hh.jpg]
Here she is in her first coat of primer.As you can see there is a lot of finishing to be done yet,but it feels like progress to me.

[Image: u28-b7hh.jpg]

I am actually right on scedule,I put the decoder this afternoon (my first install) so hopefully I can get her programed tonight at the open house.
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