Full Version: E-paw's Get off yer duff Challenge - Part I
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With this last set of pictures I will call this one finished.

I kept looking at the pilot and figured that something was missing. The space under the boiler just seemed too empty. I tossed a few ideas around in my head until I came up with this... An open tool box filled with tools. The box is from styrene, the handles are sewing thread, and most of the tools are scratched from styrene and wire, although some are white metal castings from who knows where.




So onto the pilot it went with another oil can.


Now for a few over view shots of the completed project.





An RSD-4 snuck into this one.
The last two shots of the 0-6.
First the cab interior with the engineer at the seatbox.

And the tenders underside.

That one makes a total of 140 pictures for this project. This little 0-6 must think she's a movie star by now. This was a great challenge to be part of,, thanks to all who participated in it and followed this thread. Only on the Gauge can something like this happen. Good luck to everyone involved.
Outstanding work on your locomotive Steve---a true work of art Thumbsup
Cheers with my good friend Ed. Great-looking locomotive, and some very nicely-done details. Applause Thumbsup Applause Thumbsup Applause

Great little unusual loco! Applause Thumbsup Worship

Cheers Lutz
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