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The subject of my challenge will be to finish my drawbridge scene.  The biggest problem that I face is that my new laptop is refusing to play nice with my camera, so at this point I can not load any pics.  Nope Nope Nope Nope 

Where the project now stands is that I have got it electrified, installed a wood deck (90% complete ), still need to add skirting and a ledger board ( I guess that's what you call it ), and finish up the water. Once I figure out the picture problem I can get this going a little better.
I have some progress, but I have lost some pics to the abbess. About a half dozen in progress pics were deleted. Awesome

I'll start with some cellphone pics that I had texted to someone. They show an in progress look at the wood deck being installed on my draw bridge.
Here the deck work is just getting started. All the boards were cut from a single sheet of veneer and stained with thinned down wood stain. 



This process is now complete and will show as finished in the rest of the thread. I have also installed the skirting and trim around the lower edge of the drawbridge section. That section of bench work is built as a roll-out section to maintain access to the backyard. I intend to leave it installed, only removing it when necessary.

Here I am stitching up the skirting under the watchful eye of my safety officer.
The fabric is just stapled in place. It ended up being cheaper to purchase finished curtains then to just buy fabric by the yard. 

Some trim added around the edge.


Some paint and the name plate installed.

With all that dried it was time to add some Water Effects around where the river meets the trim. This will fill in any gaps and act as a dam for my final pour of fake water. When dry it will end up clear. This was done to both sides of the river.



For the river water I have been using Woodland Scenics Realistic Water. It's effect has been something that I am happy with. Just look at that reflection.

I will pour at least one more layer to the river in a few days after the Water Effects is completely cured. The track has also been electrified and fine tuned to running condition. I'll post a video of the first run later.
Well here it is my first YouTube vid. Triple-headed heavy Mountains, ( known as softies on the home road for their lack of a wide firebox ) and A CNJ coal drag cross the bridge together to test it's weight limit.

first test run over the new draw bridge. - YouTube
As a little extra detail I added a set of depth gauges to the river. Just some strip styrene painted red and white, then weathered. They were glued into place with the same water effects used earlier.



Looks awesome. I love the detail work. The video was enjoyable.

Have you used the Realistic Water before? I used it about 10 years ago. At first it looked good but then after time it shrank leaving gaps along abutments and piers. It also got cloudy.
You've created some good-looking scenes, Steve, and that bridge is very impressive.   Applause Applause Applause

I also enjoyed the video.

Wow that looks nice!
Awesome bridge!!!!!!!!!!!! Was the cat a kit or a scratch build ?
Outstanding Steve.
Worship Thumbsup

well TR, I haven't tried to scratch build a cat yet.  Icon_lol
That's Apollo,  He was found on our porch when he was about a day old, still with umbilical cord attached. He was only about the size of my thumb then.

Enough about felines,,,,, This is a train thread. train
I poured the last layer of water, once it's set I'll add some ripples and things with the water effects.
totally envious of this scene !!
How can you not like it????? Fantastic scene Worship Worship
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