New website with free layouts and track plans
SCARM was completely free for use for more than 7 years before moving to v.1.0 Milestone earlier this year. And even now, it is 100% free to use within the limit of 100 tracks per project.

However, this tread is not for the program, but for the track plans and layouts, created with it.

Almost all plans listed above are sent to me by the users of the program and are free for review and use. Some are ready for construction and some are actually already built. You can download them in the unregistered (free) version of SCARM and then open, review in both 2D and 3D, get parts list, print, export, take 3D snapshots, simulate train running with the free Model Trains Simulator - Starter Edition and even make small modifications (using the tracks already placed on the drawing plot)

And you do not need to pay anything for that Thumbsup


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