New website with free layouts and track plans
Some more interesting layouts & track plans in various scales were added to the database in the past year. See here 3 of them:

The “Back to the Future 5” Lionel O gauge Layout of Adam

[Image: SCARM_Back_to_the_Future_5_Lionel_O-gaug...-1-460.jpg]

Large and very detailed layout in O-scale, designed and built with Lionel Fastrack pieces in a dedicated train room and representing some elements from the “Back to the future” movie series.

The New N-scale Layout of Clarence

[Image: The_New_N-scale_layout_of_Clarence_3D_view-1-460.jpg]

Interesting layout design in N gauge featuring dual track loops, each with two passing tracks, a siding with several industries and large yard with a turntable in the center.

The Small Marklin Z-scale Layout of Marco

[Image: SCARM_Z-scale_layout_of_Marco-1.jpg]

Compact Z-scale layout under construction with oval main line and a small station, representing some parts of Snoqualmie, WA, USA

Marklin HO M-Track Plan 340x310

[Image: SCARM-Marklin-0390-Anlage-16-modified-460.jpg]

An old Marklin M-track plan with lot of tracks, suitable for all those model train fans who wants to have more and more trackage on the layout in order to run more and more trains all the time.

Hope you like the new additions Smile


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