Canadian National H6 class 4-6-0 photos wanted
Howdy; Let me drop an email to the guy who sent me the 1325 Montreal photos along with a link to this site, and see what he says. Now, if only the police will let me out of my street! Have fun - David Notarius, London (Hackney - East London) Uk
Hi everyone - Just a quick note, Not only did the Canadian National run boxcab electrics, MU's and the 4-6-4t in comuter service out of Montreal , but also regular H class 4-6-0's and various pacifics. Has anyone ever done a CNR book on Montreal? Dave Popcornbeer
Hello David---hope you're safe with all the craziness going on.You may want to contact Barry Greene (<!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e -->).He is the photo librarian from the Canadian National Railways Historical Assosciation.I do not know him personally but I am a member of the CNRHA.
Thanks, I'd dropped him an email.

Here's some more CNR 4-6-0 goodies:
<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... imcoe.html</a><!-- m -->

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Just for the record, here is the 1392 and the 1551, the two recently operating ex CNR h6's

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Hi everyone, I found these two photos of S Scale H6's that I'd thought may be of interest. They are built by Simon Parent for Trevor Marshall. Simon creates his own kits - castings and etchings - then builds them for others modelers. They were found on the "Model Railway Show" Facebook page. <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --> I'll see if I can track down an address and if he's doing HO parts or kits. 219 Also, the is a rumor that Athearn will be bringing out the old Roundhouse / MDC Harriman 4-6-0, 2-6-2, 4-4-2, & 2-8-0 kits again as ready to run with an updated drive, DCC/Sound ready, & details. I've seen these models used as a stand-in after a bit of re-detailing for almost believable CNR 4-6-0's & 2-8-0's. Not exact boilers or tenders, but they can look very Canadian with some work. Have fun - Dave

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Hi Guy, Here is another link I found with more CNR 4-6-0 photos:

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Have fun - Dave
Hello Dave---that's a great link with some excellent photos of all types of Canadian National steam locomotives Thumbsup Did you ever hear back from Barry Greene ?Here's another shot of 1533

[Image: P1080801.jpg]
Howdy; Never did hear back from Barry. Another couple of sites to have a look at:

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Have fun - Dave Cheers
Hello everyone in CNR H6 land;
Here a link to a 1533 video: Popcornbeer

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Also, does anyone know about the pages/excepts from the following book on the Spadina shops? Is this book still in print and does anyone know the corect title?
Everyone have some fun - David Notarius, London UK

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Hello Dave---here's the book you're looking for.The article on 1533 was on pages 114-116.There are copies available through

[Image: P1090117.jpg]

[Image: P1090116.jpg]
cn nutbar Wrote:Hello Dave---here's the book you're looking for.The article on 1533 was on pages 114-116.There are copies available through

There are also copies on starting at CAN$100.

I just checked: Firefly now owns Boston Mills Press but Keep em rolling isn't listed.
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Thanks guys for the book info. I'll see if I can troll up a copy, somewhere! Heres's another CNR 4-6-0 link:

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... heeler.htm</a><!-- m -->

This one is full of various H & I class 4-6-0's. Thumbsup Hope all is well - Dave
Howdy Folks, Here's another uselful CNR 4-6-0 link:
<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... 7_2008.pdf</a><!-- m -->
Have fun - Dave Popcornbeer

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