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Where is this club located?
Modeling the Canadian National prairie region in 1959.
Several new layout projects were added to the database in the past 3 months - here are two in HO scale:

Around-the-walls HO Train Layout

[Image: Carlos-HO-Projeto-Final-1_3e-3D-Layout-0-460.jpg]

Urban-Style HO Layout with Scenic High Line

[Image: NY-US_SCARM_Train_Layout_3D_0-460.jpg]

Two more interesting projects were published in the past 2 months.

Large Modular N-scale Club Layout

[Image: Large_Modular_Model_Train_Layout_in_N-sc...t3-460.jpg]

Marklin HO C-track double oval

[Image: Maerklin_C-Gleis_205x105-460.jpg]

And here are the most recent layouts from August:

Southern Pine Railroad Layout in N scale


Marklin HO C-track Layout 205x120

[Image: Maerklin_H0_C-gleis_Modellbahn_in_SCARM_...-1-460.jpg]

The Expansion of Lucasville O-gauge Train Layout

[Image: Lucasville_expanded_O-scale_Railroad_Lay..._1-460.jpg]

The first and the last presented projects are already under construction, while the second one is build and operational Smile

Several new projects were added in the past 2 months - see them below:

David's N-scale Track Plan

[Image: N_scale_Track_Plan_200x90_by_David_3D_1-460.jpg]

American Flyer 5'x9' S-scale (1/64) Train Layout

[Image: SCARM_5x9_S-scale_model_train_layout_1-460.jpg]

N-gauge Shunting Puzzle Diorama

[Image: SCARM_N-gauge_Small_Shunting_Puzzle_Dior...-1-460.jpg]

See two large layout projects from the last month, both with 5-star ratings at the time of posting here:

The Layout of Jivko in HO Scale (under construction)

[Image: Jivko_HO_Train_Layout_01-460.jpg]

The Future Garage Layout of Robert (N scale)

[Image: Future_Garage_N-scale_Train_Layout_1-460.jpg]

Hope you will like them Smile

The last published project shows one interesting idea: single track route for using with rolling stock in two scales - standard gauge N (1/160) and narrow gauge HOn30 (1/87).

Small Folding Layout For Use in Both HOn30 and N scales

[Image: TANO_Whole_Layout_037645851-big-640.jpg]

The track plan is designed as single line in “double 8” figure with one small station in front and train stop at the back. The layout is planned to allow exchanging of the buildings, signals and some other parts depending on the current rolling stock scale – N (1/160) or narrow gauge H0n30 (1/87). The guy who builds this layout has prepared different stations and surrounding buildings, different types of signals and different locos and coaches. Only the tracks and the grass will be the same in both scales. Check the link to see more pictures from the two different setups of this cool layout Smile

Two new N scale layouts were published in the site from the beginning of the year - see them below:

The Train Layout with The Old Castle

Nice layout with precise designed virtual buildings (all are from real kits) with many details and rich decorations.

[Image: The_Model_Train_Layout_w_the_Castle_SCARM_3D_1-460.jpg]

A Small Layout in the Kid's Room in N Scale

This project represents a whole room with bed on the upper level and all the furniture for L-shaped layout with buildings and rolling stock on it.

[Image: The_KATO_Layout_in_the_kigds_room_N-scale_3D_1-460.jpg]

I hope that you will like these projects in N Smile

I tried the free version and couldn't get it to work properly at all.
What exactly is the problem? Is there an error message?

Here are shown three more layouts in HO (1/87), TT (1/120) and N (1/160) scales, all in oval form:

Compact HO Track Plan feat. Figure "8"

[Image: HO_planta_scarm_2D_edited-460.jpg]

The plan above has one internal loop with one entry point, but can be easily modified in 2 different ways in order to get one more entry/exit point. The modifications are described in the article.

Compact Oval in TT scale

[Image: SCARM_Tillig-BTTB-1a-Compact_Train_Layout-3D_1-460.jpg]

This design is just a simple oval with small train station in the center.

THE EYE - 3' x 5' N-scale Layout of Brian

[Image: SCARM-THE_EYE-N-scale_Bachmann_layout_1-460.jpg]

This is one already build layout for simultaneously running of up to 3 trains

See the track plans and layout designs, published in May:

The "Shoreline" Layout in HO Scale

[Image: Shoreline_ME1-HO_Layout_3D_1-460.jpg]

The Future Train Layout of Roger in N Scale

[Image: Kato_N-scale_17_Feb_2017_L-shaped_layout_1_3D-460.jpg]

HO Scale Layout in a Storage Room

[Image: SCARM_track_plan16-460.jpg]

This one is already under construction and shows how even small irregular rooms can be fitted with nice layouts in it Smile

And 3 more layouts, added during the summer:

The Grand Home Layout of Paul in HO scale

[Image: The_Grand_Home_Layout_of_Paul_in_HO_1-460.jpg]

Union Pacific Silver Creek Division Layout in N scale


Metro-style HO Layout With Subway Station

[Image: SCARM_Metro-style_HO_Layout_With_Subway_...-1-460.jpg]

Hope you will like these nice plans Smile

The winter is already there, so lets see the last 3 layouts added in the SCARM database during the autumn.

The first layout is created by TrainNut, who is a member here. It is really nice, so I decided to include it in the database and let other SCARM fans also to see it:

Big Basement Layout in N scale

[Image: TrainNut-SCARM-File_Aug_23_8_27_01_PM-460.jpg]

Model Railroad Design for a Corner Layout in HO

[Image: SCARM_New-10F_Railroad_Layout_1-460.jpg]

The Christmas Layout of Ted in O gauge

[Image: O-gauge_Christmas_Train_Layout_of_Ted_01-460.jpg]

Happy holidays Smile

Actually, SCARM isn't free at all. Like other track plan software, it gives you fifty track sections, which isn;t much at all, and after that you have to pay up.

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