Looking Back Part 2. Cab Tour!
When I was around 8 years old in 1956 my Dad and I went to the large Kroger bakery to watch the N&W switch cars there and to follow it to another industry..The engine that day was 4-8-0 #444 after the crew finished their work the engineer yelled down "Hey boy care to take a look in the cab?" I naturally said yes..The brakeman and fireman help me into the cab and to my young eyes it was a maze of controls and valves which the engineer explained to me..I was allowed to blow the whistle and before leaving the cab the fireman yelled down to my dad asking him if it was ok for him to throw me in the firebox. :o My dad reply Naw best not,he would just cause a large clinker.I have several fond memories watching #444 switch cars at Kroger and other industries.

I consider myself lucky I got to witness the last days of steam instead of playing little league baseball or other normal childhood activities.I also got to see shiny new GP9s and RS11s.

Life was good.

Summerset Ry

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Great story Brakie, the cab is the best place to experience railroading from. I got to ride along on many Conrail switching jobs as a kid in Jersey,, a very memorable ride each time . Even got to pull the pin and put the air hoses together. Big Grin
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