Carolina Central Moves to HOn30 Maine
Been in and out of HOn30 since the early 1970s. Was N-Scaling and got a good deal on the Kato Carolina Central layout about four years ago. Sure looked like HOn30 with the track spacing. Bought some Minitrains and Shapeway HOn30 cars but health problems caused me to shelve model railroading.

2018 was a good health year so returning to model trains tried N-Scale with an attemept at a "door layout" in N-Scale with standard gauge. Trouble is "I see narrow gauge". Various other odd model train ventures intervened. Got a Myner Models Model Power 2-6-0 conversion working. Runs great after a major D-oh moment.

Found that I could make my Kato track look like HOn30 with little effort.

[Image: unitrack4.jpg]

So the layout is still in track planning stages.

[Image: layout1.jpg]

I'd love to see more photos of this!
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HO Engineer Bill likes the look of this N-scale Unitrack test piece with the faux fur grass berm for our HOn30 project.

[Image: fur_grass_ballast3.jpg]

The other berm attempts were Sculptamold mixed with my base earth color latex paint. Really messy and time consuming.

My fur grass articles are at:

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