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been gone south of the border for some time, been back for a while and looked here off and on , and find that there is not as much activity as there use to be . is it just the seasonal slump or is this what's it like all the time ?
Hi Jim. It's good to hear from you. Things are slow here, but they are picking up as winter comes along. We have lost some pretty active members for sure. Sadly they did not choose to leave us. I guess we are all getting old.
Hey Jim, good to see you. Glad you found our new digs. Yes, there's been a lull in activities on forums in general, but there is a bit of a resurgence lately which is good. And yes, we've lost a few members that were active and will be missed, you can find a dedication sub-forum here.

Let us know what you're up to.
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Good to see you back, Jim!

Hi jim!

I've noticed many of the forums are slower than they used to be - and I think facebook groups are part of the reason. The advantage of facebook groups is they are quick, dumb, and accessible easily from a smart phone while you are on the toilet or waiting at a doctor's office. The disadvantage is that they are not searchable (topics just seem to go away and it isn't easy to find an old post - and individual posts won't come up in google searches).

Facebook groups = fun for mindless browsing and quick responses and posting a quick photo.
Forums = good for in-depth information.

Unfortunately we are moving into a quicker, less patient society. I think it is more difficult for many folks to find the time to participate in forums like this than they used to.
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I spend more time on the Model Railroad Hobbyist forums, but try to come by and check out Big Blue once a week when I can.  I see a lot of familiar names on that forum.  I suspect that the magazine generates a lot of discussion.
I know I'm late, but welcome back!

I was always wondering what happened to you, I remember seeing you in the chat room when we still had it.
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