The New PistonBroke Line
Hello once again. 
This seems to be an opening refrain from me every year or so, but I will make a concerted effort this time to keep the Revisited "PistonBroke Line" thread ongoing for those who wish to visit.  Icon_cool 
Update: Have built and moved into our new house as of a couple of 2 years ago.  Our House Build Blog

           Have not sold our last house but it is rented.
           Original PistonBroke dismantled.
           New PistonBroke Line Started in new house.
           Learning to run the new layout using computer control with the "Train Controller" ®  programme.
           Brain not happy, but it keeps me from...... everything!!
New Room

Starting Over

So these photos were from a while back, and it seems I need to get better acquainted with posting photos it took me hours to get the hang of it.   Icon_redface
To be expected I guess, when the brain has been around for as long as this one.  Icon_e_biggrin 
But I'm good to go now.... watch out!

I will post more pics.
In a few days.

Cheers  Cheers 

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Great space you have there, gunna make a lot of us jealous, Looking forward to see how it progresses.

As for posting photos, the only downside is that you can only upload them one at a time. The upside is than once they're all uploaded, you can post them in any order you choose and you can comment in between them. Maybe someday we'll be able to upload them in batches.
Don (ezdays) Day
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Glad to see you back and looking forward to watching the construction. Pretty spectacular looking house also.

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Hi Jack,  (You can get in trouble saying that in the wrong places)
It is so great to see your layout and I am really looking forward to more photos and information. 
It's good to see you back. 
Yes, definitely nice to see you back, Jack, and to see progress on the new layout, too.

Too many have drifted away, and not returned....despite the expense, we'll leave a light on, just in case.

Thanks for the warm "welcome back" gentlemen. I was never far away, and was always checking in on you guys and making sure you hadn't closed the shop.  Icon_e_biggrin 
I did no take too many photos during the construction phase, as I was always trying to "get it done"  and get out from underneath the layout. But the few I have taken I will find and post, as it is far easier for me (and less boring for you guys) to tell the story with Pictures rather than words.
Any questions will be answered if I can remember the answer.    Icon_rolleyes  

So as some of you may know, with the Train Controller ® software you can easily draw your layout (which is obviously a pre-requisite for the computer to be able to control your RR), So below is a PDF my layout as drawn on Train Controller.

.pdf   Layout.pdf (Size: 100.5 KB / Downloads: 7)

My last Layout was HO Peco code 100, this time I went for Peco code 75, so I gave away all my Code 100 line and turnouts away and started afresh.
First up, the Double slip wiring Challenge  Icon_e_biggrin  
Now I just want to blow that Foam dust off the picture


Seeing as I was thinking that I wanted to mainly try and run trains with a computer controlling all turnouts timetables and schedules, I tried to keep the layout as level as possible to maximise my grossly inadequate track laying skills, and minimise any future problems. However I do have one line over a tunnel on the layout so as a quick turnaround run is achievable. This meant gouging out two rights of way into my foam baseboard to give the required clearance.


When using these computer programmes fun facts are easy to come by ........ if I can just find where to look!!
eg: There are 77 turnouts,
     4 of which are double slips,
     1x3 way turnout
     33 left hand turnouts
     and 37 turnouts are Right hand.
With a few more to add, about 3 I think.
I drive them all with Tortoise switch machines connected to DCC Specialties Wabbit Feedback stationary decoders.
I don't have the feedback component connected yet.


each Turnout will be able to be switched from the side of the layout via a momentary on toggle switch, as well as by the throttle and computer ......... eventually.
Below is my crude attempt to make a switchboard with these toggles switches in a busy area of the layout.


But they will mainly be just on the side of the layout near the turnout, like this.


The layout is divided into 75 blocks, for detecting where the trains are at any given time. .....Hopefully...... 
These 2 DR4088's are some of the Block detection modules


and 5 reverse loops.
 Each Reverse loop is controlled by a DCC Specialties "PSX-AR Power Shield Auto Reverser/circuit breaker"


I know this is not a huge layout compared to some I have seen on the internet in American Basements but I think this will take me more than my lifetime to complete.
Happy days for my kids when the time comes to clean up Pops mess when I depart.   Goldth 

I have a Lenz LVZ100 Controller from my old layout, but I was intrigued by the Digikeijs "DR5000" controller as it has the ability to connect to either Lenz/Rocco (Expressnet System) or the Loconet System, all the while being able to just use a USB to connect to your computer and relay any system Info. to the programme.
Seems like all the magic in one box. 
I bought one, so we will see. Icon_question  
Here we go. 


By the way, does anyone know if I can use the Lenz Controller as a Booster with the Digikeijs DR5000. Or more to the point if I can disable the controller part of the end LVZ100 and just use the power part. I guess if not, it would be like using two controllers hooked together , with one for each power district. I fear there might be some smoke escaping if I just joined the two together.  Anyone?

I have no idea why I am embarking on this tech Mission, as I would be the least Computer literate fellow around.
I guess it's the Challenge. ...... Wait. Wut. did I just say that!  35
But I have started, and I am enjoying the journey, so I guess that's all that matters.

Cheers, Jack  Cheers
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