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Hello Blue
Just checking in. We have sun with a Hi of 33 for the day. Warmer after. I too rarely use our cell phone. I just take it when we go somewhere. Don't even turn it on. As much time as my wife spends talking on the phone., I couldn't afford the bill. No plans for the day.
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Good evening folks

The saga with the towing company has another piece. The company that handles the towing for my insurance called to give me an update. The shortage yard lost out on the tow to the body shop. The girl I was working with at the company handling the towing for my insurance told me she was going to give the towing to the storage yard until they pulled their stunt on us. She gave it to another company and the storage yard lost out on a $900 tow. As the father of a friend of mine who was a long-haul truck driver told us, “Never annoy the dispatcher. You will find yourself poor quickly.”

We did some running today. We went to my wife’s dentist appointment, the produce store, the hardware store, and out for breakfast.

My glue came today so I am hoping to work on the Ambassador Hotel later. I also want to clear off more of the layout.

I hope everybody has a good evening.
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We still have a landline; in fact, we bought a new set of phones not too long ago (previous batteries were expiring). SWMBO has a cell phone for safety when driving and because she likes the photography feature. I like the land line because it's powered from the phone company (at least, one of them is) in case of a blackout.
We have a set with 5 handsets and locations for only 3 of them.

We are annoyed with the phone company. They own one of the larger TV networks and they've just laid off a lot of staff including a lot of the local newsrooms across the country. There is no longer news at supper time.
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Hello Everyone,

We have to the phone jack for a landline but never got a phone for it nor paid to have a landline. I keep saying about it because in a power outage our cell phones won't work unless we leave town because of where we are in the valley.

Today was a beautiful day out, sunshine all day long but other parts had seen snow flurries throughout the day. The temps are now dropping into the high teens to low twenties but supposed to warm up the next few days. We went to my brothers house for a couple of hours and helped with a few things.

Gas is at $3.69 a gallon but if you have perks you can get it cheaper.

Now I am just sitting here putting a couple models together and will let them dry over night and get back at it tomorrow.
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Good morning good people, there is a problem now days with some landlines. Mine goes out with the cable so it's dependent on a modem that splits the voice-over phone with the Internet. So, although I have a landline, it won't work if I lose power. On the other hand, my cell phone should still work providing the cell tower still has power. I won't have Internet on it, but it's way too small for me to use it for that anyway.

Temps still around 80 with a chance of rain this week. Too much variance between weather guessers to think that it will rain, but we'll see.

As for gas, a few stations have dropped a few cents, Costco and Sam's at $3.07 and that's the best deal on this side of town. There are a few Costco stations on the east side that are at $2.99, but you have to go way out of the area to get lower than that.

Have a great day, don't know what anyone will do, no football, but I'm sure there are other sports to watch. For me, I think I'll spend a few more hours on my pinball machine. I am now in the really hairy part of setting up the flippers and other mechanical things so it's slow and go.
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Greetings, gang.

Another sunny day underway outside my window. 31 now going to the low 60s this afternoon. Low 70s for tomorrow.

Yesterday was fairly routine. Did some shopping and picked up a new surround sound. The old one was too old to work with the newer digital tv and internet. I'll get that hooked up today. With the mild weather I'll probably start the yard cleanup this afternoon. Also need to spray some Rustoleum on some angle iron.

Gym rant - I wonder why some guys pay $50 a month to sit in the locker room lounge in their underwear (or less) and watch reruns of Friends.

All stay safe.

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Good Morning

     It is still winter in East Palestine but it will be followed by spring in about 3 weeks.  It is 27° F heading for 47°.  Just a very slim chance for a shower this afternoon. 

     I played with decals yesterday and I am disappointed with the results on the white decal paper. I did not get the background colors dark enough so the results look lousy except the ones with black for a back ground.  The clear decals work great but the inkjet does not put enough in on to make the decal lettering completely opaque so the colors are not true on darker backgrounds.  I am going to see if I can align a sheet and print over one. If I can that may be the answer.  

     I still have about 50 car kits to build and a few will add to my GERN fleet, and I also have 3 Bowser steam locomotive kits to build. I built 2 of these 50 years ago and I hope I can still get the rods done right. My friend DRWayne built the last kit for me and did an outstanding job. I also have the Atlas S-1 to paint as the KJR 7135.

     We got a new ROKU TV yesterday and like Fiat fan our sound bar won't work.  The sound from the TV however is as good as the sound on the old set with the sound bar so there will be one less remote to adjust.  The learning curve is almost unbearable but with Googles help we are figuring it out. It had no sound at all at first until I discovered the volume controls and mute button are on the side of the remote.  (Instructions in this case cam in handy) Icon_e_biggrin

      I am sending a prayer for everyone that we are blessed with healing for the ill.  

      Thanks to everyone for being here. 

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