A letter from Mikey and Don
I think what Ed is saying is simply list it on ebay or another auction site for more viewing. No forums need involved, and the audience for the item would be significantly higher. 
Exactly the point I was trying to suggest---thanks for the feedback Charlie.
(02-02-2023, 10:15 AM)cn nutbar Wrote: Exactly the point I was trying to suggest---thanks for the feedback Charlie.

Ah ha, now it becomes clear. When you said, "other web sites", we just assumed you meant other train sites. Icon_redface Sorry about that.... Worship There are several others for sale on both eBay and Amazon, prices are all over the map. I would not put this up for auction here though without a reserve. The condition is good for it's age and does have a dust jacket. It's Tom's choice what he wants to do, but I'm thinking that because it is a benefit sale for Big Blue, someone might want to pay a bit extra just because of that.
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I did initially consider an action site but I would much rather keep the book "in the family." Save your pennies and nickels everyone and bid for all you can.

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I have just added new items to our Zazzle Store

If you think of something you don't see here, let me know and I will try to find it to add to the store.

We also are aware that some of the items are costly, but there are some easily affordable items listed too.
Any funds that are are made from sales are exclusively used to keep Big Blue going.

Thanks - From Don and I
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