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:hey: The thread is now OPEN!!!!!!!! 2285_
Fresh off the interchange track, the BB&G HO car has arrived in Flint, MI for it's inaugural load on the Pere Marquette Saginaw Sub. Photos coming very soon. (I just got home with the car, and I forgot to get batteries for the camera :oops: )

I guess we will have to let you slide this time. Icon_lol
Cool, the cars are on the road!
Matt - Check your PM's!!! Big Grin Big Grin
i just realized i gotta make my layout presentable soon, it looks like crap, and is surrounded by crap. Between classes and remodeling my room, the whole layout has been filling up with junk.
No worries. My plywood pacific consists of 2 tracks on a piece of plywood and about 20 thousand random train things all stacked on it. I have no doubt mine will be the worst layout pictured, but I just wanted to participate.
I know how you feel -- my layout is not fully scenicked yet -- but I wanted to participate too. I have one section mostly done which is where most of the pics will be taken.. I am also planning on taking it to the club I belong to since the scenery is mostly complete and I thought it would be fun.
The Detroit Connecting received the BB&G car on our interchange track from the Pere Marquette. The boys at JB Industrial have been looking forward to the carload of GERN Flux to experiment with. Surprisingly, it took 3% less time to unload the car! GERN Flux is amazing! Anyway, the Detroit Connecting brass sent a photographer down to get some photos of the car with its smaller brother. (See the N scale car tour for more info). THe car was delivered to JB Industrial and then interchanged with the Hogsback and Southern RR located at the Lansing Model RR Club. Our company photographer was able to snap a few picstures before being run off the property. (He was mistaken for a foamer).
Here it is with its "little brother" on the DCR's interchange track:
[Image: 10.jpg]

[Image: IMG_7966.jpg]
[Image: IMG_7969.jpg]

It was a short hop to its consignee, JB Industrial:

[Image: IMG_7971.jpg]

The car was unloaded quickly (must tbe the GERN Flux) and reloaded with some industrial components headed to Summit on the Hogsback and Southern. The H&S sent some motive power to pick it up:
[Image: IMG_7980.jpg]
[Image: IMG_7985.jpg]

Next up are the photos of the car on The Lansing Model RR Club's Hogsback and Southern.
Very cool! And being pulled by double headed hustlers, too. Thumbsup
Looks good to me. I love that building hiding the blocks. I don't have room for something like that now. If I could I would. What is going to be shipped to Ralf?
I REALLY like those scenes with the large buildings. They're nicely done and definitely suggest industrial urban railroading! Thumbsup Whatever is contained in the HO box car...we'll handle it on the Kings Port Division. Can't wait!
That huge building really caught my eye too! Nice to see the Big Blue boxcar on the rails. Also enjoyed the N scale car chained to the flat car! Thumbsup
Thanks for the compliments on the JB Industrial complex. It still has a long way to go, but it is getting there! Here are the rest of the HO car photos. They were taken on the Lansing Model RR Club layout -- The Hogsback and Southern. Unfortunately, the H&S RR police thought our company photographer was a foamer and ran him off the property before he could even explain himself.

Here is the car on one of the interchange tracks:
[Image: IMG_7998.jpg]

Unfortunately, the brakeman found a defect, so the car was switched to the RIP track where the minor repairs were made. The H&S car men are top notch!
[Image: IMG_7999.jpg]

Here it is after the repairs, waiting to be switched into the local heading to Summit:
[Image: IMG_8002.jpg]

This is the last photo before our guy was run off by the RR police. It was switched to the Summit freight house where it was reloaded with LCL heading towards St Paul, MN.
[Image: IMG_8005.jpg]

And thus ends the saga of the BB&G car on the Detroit Connecting.

Chuck Wrote:Unfortunately, the H&S RR police thought our company photographer was a foamer and ran him off the property before he could even explain himself. Chuck

That's where a coat and tie, hard hat, and clipboard can come in handy, even the RR police think twice about an "official looking "..."suit" Icon_twisted Icon_twisted
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