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It's a nice engine. I wonder what the NScale Car would look like getting pulled by the Coon Creek steamer.
Mike Kieran Wrote:I wonder what the NScale Car would look like getting pulled by the Coon Creek steamer.

Icon_twisted Big Grin 357 Big Grin :evil:

"Just about the same", but not quite half the size. Icon_lol Wink Wink
Well I got home after work this afternoon and was surprised to find a Delivery Notice from Canada Post in the mail. The only hold up...I can't pick it up until after 1 pm tomorrow.

Ah Dang It! :|
2285_ 2285_ 2285_ WOO HOO!!!! 2285_ 2285_ 2285_

The HO Tour is officially an "INTERNATIONAL" tour!!!!!! Smile Smile Smile
Well... I spent the entire evening (2 1/2 hours) at the club with my HD video camcorder filming my train as it pulled the Anniversary Car around the club layout. A good operating session and the car made it around the layout without any issues. Now I'll have to spend sometime editing, splicing and putting a soundtrack to the video. Hopefully I'll get it up in the next couple of days.
That sounds great! Looking forward to it!
Cull some stills out from that video, dial up is a pain in the caboose when it comes to videos. 357
unless you do a number of short ones. . . Wink Wink
I can try and grab some stills and post them up. The movie is almost done is about 18 minutes long. I'm just touching it up a bit and going to add some music to it. Maybe I'll get it up tonight. :?
Wow... how time flies when your life gets in the way. I shipped out the car today to Brampton ON. It should arrive on Monday before 5 pm with 50,000 lbs of Kitty Litter (In honour of our 9 month old 11 lb cat "Storm", yep he's a big boy).

I reason I have not posted up the video is because I was waiting for permission from the musician who recorded it to use in the video. Last night he got back to me and graciously gave me permission. So I'll finish it up tonight and get it posted.
Here it is.

The BB&G box car makes its way into the Scarborough Yard, Westbound from Montreal (consumers staging). There were no stops along the way as this was an Extra Freight Train running the entire mainline of the layout until finally crossing the trestle bridge into the town of Hennweigh ( this is when some one asks, "Whats a Hen weigh?".... oh about 8 to 10 lbs.) The train will pass through, Scarborough JCT, Hoggs Bay, Wyevale, Brockton, Cary, Eckhart Lake, Fogo, Drake Mines, Great Bend before getting to Hennweigh.

I don't plan on getting an Oscar for this and I'll complain about the fact that juggling a cab and an HD camera requires a great amount of manual dexterity. But this is worth it and I wanted to do something different.

I hope you all enjoy.

Thanks for the video! It was great to see the BB&G car lead the string of boxcars on that slow moving train across a beautifully done club layout. Nice rock cuts and bridges. Pretty impressive track work in the yard with those double slip turnouts. I enjoyed the music very much as well. Youtube did that annoying thing where the red playback line meets the grey build up line and stopped the vid a few times but I just pulled it back about a half minute and got it going smoothly again. Was that your enclosed water tower seen about midway through the video? Very nice presentation!
PS...appreciated the nice acknowledgement of the forum at the end. Thumbsup
OH MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That was Definitely worth the wait!!!!!!!

Worship Worship Worship Worship Worship Worship

... and "yes, I agree" - Thanks for the kudos both at the beginning and at the end!!!!!!

My favorite scene: - I love trestles!! Big Grin


Cheers ... Eek

Who built that baby..??
Thanks guys. I'm glad you enjoyed it. The Club Layout has existed in its present location and incarnation since 1976 with some changes to the track work and the upgrade to DCC several years ago. We are still working on upgrading the electronics replacing some of the old snap switches with Tortoise etc. I've been tasked with the glorious task of redoing the throat for our staging which will involve two # 6 three ways and a crossing. No small job.

I've also been asked to start thinking about doing the yard throat you see at the beginning with all the crossovers and double slips. Should be fun... (yikes!!!) Eek

All of the structures, including the trestle were mostly built by previous members who are no longer members, ( moved, started new clubs in other cities, or gone to the big layout in the sky Wink ).
Gotta say that both the video and the layout are impressive. Having had 35 years of use, the layout has weathered nicely. We thank you kindly for doing this. Thumbsup Worship Thumbsup Worship
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