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Great to see more tour photos guys! Thumbsup
Gary, I hope that wasn't the only cake......buurrrrrpppp, that was good !!!

Yup! that was good! :evil: 357 :evil: Wink

There was a couple more of 'em...
Well, there goes Sumpter's diet plan for 2012!


Mr Fixit Wrote:Well, there goes Sumpter's diet plan for 2012!

I had to do something, I was fading away to a Ton!
357 Icon_twisted 357 Icon_twisted 357 Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase," Let them eat Cake " Icon_twisted
ngauger Wrote:Some nice pice there I like the steam engine!!!

Thanks Mikey! May be my fav steam loco.
Well, our train has arrived at Blakesly.
And as she pulls down the assigned track
ngauger Wrote:Some nice pice there Smile Smile I like the steam engine!!!

Cheers Those H-10s were Super Power before it had a name. Thumbsup Thumbsup

I'll be on my way downstairs soon to continue the Gauge car;s journey, here are a few more pics from last session, can't have too many, right?
OK, so I'm back after a couple hours fun making and breaking trains. Our Gauge car is enroute to its destination of the freight house in Stockton. She's been placed at the front of a cut of cars destined for Stockton at the head end of a westbound freight. Here is some of what took place:

Couldn't resist taking this shot of #676 as it sits waiting for instruction to use the run around track. Framed on one side by Eddie Willers prized possesion (JGL Comet, aka ex 2oth Century Ltd) which runs between Boston and Philly, and on the other a westbound freight beign made up.


At the ash pit

At the coaling tower. You can see the Gauge car!
More at the engine facility. One of the shots on the turntable was while the table was moving, I was surprised it wasn't very blurry. First one is what I meant to post as last photo of last post.


Well, turns out the pics I intended to post here are too big. My camera defaults to 1600x1200 and I always had a program to resixe them. Bought a new computer which my son set up and I didn't mention the photo editing program and I guess I need to download some free software, any one have a recomendation? Anyway, what is loaded on here is some windows photo gallery. Can't resixe pics as far as I can tell. So my first set of photos was shot twice, the second time at 640x480 size which I can post direct. But I have to remmber to reset the size every time I power up, and I goofed! Oh well, no shortage of pics here.
The Gauge car being spotted for #588 to pick up. 588 will take her down to the other end of the yard where she'll be added to cut of cars at the head end of train xyz, a westbound freight. The second photo shows the other cas she arrived with which are east bound, and have been put one of the stub end tracks to wait for that train to be made up.
A caboose being added to the rear of westbound train xyz

Head end power in place

While train xyz pumps up air, #676 is authorized to use the yard runaround track, her return train has been readied and will soon depart back for NYC rails.
And here she is on the way! Well, it's time to get ready for teh Superbowl, go Giants. Be back in a couple days.
I enjoyed all of the photos! Go Giants indeed! Thumbsup Thumbsup Thumbsup
Great pictures Gary---I was hoping to see your C&O Mike,definetly one of my favourite locomotives from your collection
Great pics! Where did you get the John Galt Line locomotive? I came across some John Galt Line passenger cars this summer. Interesting name for a RR.

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