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Gary: photo program I use is IrfanView which is a free download. Does all the re-sizing I need.
Gary, I use Image Resizer, a free Windows XP download. You can re-size them one-at-a-time or in bulk - I did about 450 photos in a matter of seconds. For one, you simply right click on the photo, click on "Re-size photo", select the size and then click on "Okay" It normally saves the original photo, too, although you have the option of replacing that with the smaller version if you wish. To re-size multiples, click on the first photo in the sequence, hold down the "SHIFT" key, then click on the last photo in the sequence, then go through the steps outlined - those two and all in between will be re-sized. You can also re-size non-sequential multiples by clicking on the first, then holding down "CTRL" while clicking on the others which you wish to re-size. It's so easy, even I could use it the first time I tried. Misngth Before that, I also used Irfanview, but found this one much easier and more versatile.

Thanks Wayne and David for the tips on software, I will look into soon. Ed and Ralph, thanks for the nice comments, I'll make an effort to have that Mike show up somehow! Well, the run to Stockton is uneventful, there eing no scenery! So, just a few pics to show how much more there is to do. First up, train has pulled in siding and loco has uncoupled and is about to run forward.
Road loco has pulled up clear of turnout to industrial area. The paper taped to the wall is (was) a drawing of the station that might get built there someday.

A spot of scenery for you. This is the switcher stationed in Stockton, sitting near the office of the small interchange yard with the Pennsy. This loco was my first two color paint job! Has a helix humper and Earnst gearing, a great loco to run.
Hi Chuck, John Galt Line is from the novel Atlas Shrugged, and yes I have seen (and written to some) several others use the name. In my case, I had custom decals made.

OK, so the switcher comes out and takes her cut of cars, and brings them to a track in the small yard. She'll bring a westbound cut of cars out to add.
Switcher takes the cars:

Dragging the cut across the river

Reardon Steel and the Pennsy's northeast corridor lay beyond the interchange track with the PA
The final steps of delivery needed some 0-5-0 help. It seems the station has not yet been connected to teh rest of the railroad yet! First is shot of the end of the line, then a shot down where track will be, with the station showing in right rear. Then the switcher shoving the car to the station, after airlift.

I will spare you the ordeal of a return trip to Blakesly, suffice to say that next time we'll be there and ready to go to Garfield where we laod up and get ready to send off!
It's a good thing you had the 0-5-0 recently serviced, and ready for that switching move !
Good to see BBG 100119 coupled up to a John Galt Lines locomotive. Still have fond memories of running the N&W coal train over JG lines track.
The layout is coming along !!
Great Pics. Thumbsup Thumbsup
jglfan Wrote:Reardon Steel and the Pennsy's northeast corridor lay beyond the interchange track with the PA

Ah, Should have interchanged with you electrically! How did you do the catenary?

[Image: p1151657.jpg]

[Image: p1151658.jpg]
Hi Pete, thanks! Yeah, I had a great time when you were out. I believe both Blake and Jim were there that night, what a blast! Come on back and make it happen again, cos I haven't had more tan one visitor at a time since! Well, many once or twice.

Chris, I remember discussing the catanary way back when, I can't remember the name of the company I bought the towers and wire from, but you were aware of them and they were too pricey for you, you proceded to scrathbuild a beautiful model! I had trouble soldering the wire sections together but since it was a dummy scene, I just used ca. It looks in your pics like you used the same cut stone wall sections I used in that NE corridor scene. I bought one and make a master and lots of castings. You see in my photo how it ends in a column of concrete? That's just the end of a casting sanded smooth.

OK, so let's finish this portion of the journey! No, wait. Ed, this is the best I could do. I backed her out of the roundhouse, turned her and here she is. Had to get back to work, you know?
Thanks Gary Thumbsup ---Mikadoes are my favourite steam locomotives and your C&O Mike with the pumps on the smokebox and that Worthington feedwater heater is a real beauty---hopefully you'll get a chance to post some more photos
Thanks Ed!

OK, so here we are at Blakesly Yard, getting ready to depart for the Garfield Branch
And her she is about to cross the river.
This is the turnout off the main to the Garfield Branch
As the train comes round a sharp curve it starts descending to Garfield, in the foreground is the site of Wyatt Oil
Here we are dropping into town.
A view looking back, and shoving a cut of tankers to Wyatt
Looking back from a bit farther down the line, you see the depot and cement silos of Ragnar Cement
We've left cars on the line behind us and are spotting a cement car at Ragnar
At the silos
A couple from the river
Delivering steel rod to the bearing plant, and a pick up at the sand and stone dealer ( a work actually in process!)
this will be street trackage
Hey, she's being spotted at Nielson Motors, where she'll be picking up a load of electric motors.
Of course she was eventually loaded and brought back to Blakesly, where she was put on the next westbound freight, bound for a connection in Philadelphia. Here she is as she passes out of the modeled portion of the JGL
B Bye!
Great trip, fantastic photos. I envy you guys who have a basement to build your empires in. I looked at map quest and it looks like about a 3 hour ride if I were to try and find you. Never know I might try it some day.
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