Full Version: Nantahala Midland V 3.0
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Well after several years of trying to decide what I wanted and then over a half a year to get it built I'm finally ready to move on to the next project:
Some closer in shots:
And one last shot:

It's hard to believe that is N scale. Scenery and structure look incredible and I'm sure that your next project will be equally as breathtaking. Well done and two thumbs up from me Thumbsup Thumbsup .

Now that I have that taken care of, I have a bone to pick with you (kidding of course Misngth )..., but where are the Southern Railway engines that should be making deliveries and pick-ups to that business? 790_smiley_picking_a_fight

Hi Mark and thanks for the kind words. I posted a brief history of the NM in my first post but it doesn't really make everything all that clear I guess. The Southern runs thru town and will stop to pick upa cut of cars and/or drop a cut, but the NM serves both business' in Tellico Gap as well as those "up on the mountain" in Tellico. It also serves as the connection for the Graham County RR as well. That said here is a shot of the Southern pulling in to the junction!
Yeeeeeaaaaah!!!!! Nicely planted and blended in! Love the grassy track and the detailed scenes with the pallets and workers. Terrific scene! Thumbsup
Cheers Very nicely done: structure, scenery, details, and train, and nicely photographed, too. Thumbsup

Thanks guys!
Tyson Rayles Wrote:That said here is a shot of the Southern pulling in to the junction!


That’s much better. Waveof7

Now that I look back through the pictures in this thread I see an orange GP7/9 here and there. I was probably paying more attention to your spectacular scenery to even notice it. Worship Worship Worship

Mark I will try to remember to include Southern locos more often!
That's as good as any modeling (and far better than most) in ANY scale...Beautiful work.... Worship

Can't wait to see what comes next.... Goldth
Thanks Gus, much appreciated!
Exceptional work! Thumbsup
Perfect scene!! Thumbsup

Thanks guys!