Full Version: Nantahala Midland V 3.0
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I find T gauge quite interesting and have been hoping for more North American stuff.There was a seller on ebay that was selling RDC bodies that looked quite nice,but I have not seen them in quite some time.Below is a pic to give you some scale perspective between T anz Z.

[Image: tscalez.jpg]

The car is a 60' Z flat car it is 3 5/16" long.

By the way I do switching on my Z layout just to prove to the HO guys that know it all (No not all of them are like that) that it can be done in the smaller scales.
Southern Tuxedo Wrote:Sweet!

A double headed train on a 1 x 3 foot board…with room to spare for a few more cars…what’s not to like about that? Oh yea, and it’s the Southern Railway.

Makes me wonder if I picked the wrong scale…

I love what you have done with this layout Mike. It’s extremely impressive.


And then I get a slap to the back of the head from Athearn telling me that I did pick the right scale <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.athearn.com/Products/Default.aspx?ProdID=ATHG40642">http://www.athearn.com/Products/Default ... =ATHG40642</a><!-- m --> .
Then I start wondering where the heck is my Genesis HH Southern GP38-2 w/DCC & Sound. It's really cruel what Athearn is doing to me, make me wait and then announce another fine engine before I get the first one I ordered. I'm sure glad that someone is producing some really nice High-Hood Southern engines.

Mark you are not only modeling in the wrong scale but also in the wrong time period as well ! Icon_lol
Catt Wrote:I find T gauge quite interesting....
I would be endangered to change scales if I had the hands and eye for T gauge. Running real trains with three leading SD70 etc. on a H0 ISL space like mine sounds like a dream...
Hello Mike,

nice to see you back on our layout. I really like your scenerey and indeed - it's the Southern Thumbsup
I look forward to get the new modules started next week for my GCRR division.

I'll follow your progress on the new section of your layout.

Cheers, Gerd
Thanks Gerd and I'll keep an eye out for the updates on your layout. Here are a few progress shots. I've cut the hole in the wall that will hopefully one day lead to phase 4 ( I'm currently working on phase 2) of the layout. The little black in white specks are dairy cows. In real life what is now just a plain field along side the tracks was during my era a dairy farm. I could also go with corn or tobacco just as well, I haven't made my mind up yet.
Last time I burrowed through the walls to run trains was back at my old house in the 90's........wife wasn't too impressed Nope

"........wife wasn't too impressed Nope "

I got rid of mine, solved the "not too impressed" problem and a multitude of other problems as well ! Life once again was good !!!!!! Thumbsup Thumbsup Thumbsup Thumbsup Thumbsup
Yeah, Mike , I got the last laugh ........sold that house a year later and the buyer was somewhat a train buff , even appreciated the sky blue walls in the train room !On the new house , I made sure the unfinished basement was big enough Wink

T Wink
Sounds like the buyer of your last house had his act together T. Icon_lol
Here's a couple more progress shots:
Is that just paint , Mike , or have you sprinkled something on for texture ?

Lookin' great already! Thumbsup
Just paint T, most of which you won't be able to see when I'm done. I always paint the blue and pink foam and the white spackle like that cause it's easier on the eyes. Thanks Ralph !
Mke,your making me look like a slacker.Oh, wait a minute I am a slacker,but I have some excuses .

1- Cold wet weather and arthritis don't mix,we are getting plenty of the first and I have to much of the second.

2- I've been installing the Z in it's new home.

3- I just can't seem to get inspired (in spite of all the awesome modeling I see) to get anything done.

Did I mention I like what your doing ? I assume there is going to be a farm there..
Catt Wrote:.....I assume there is going to be a farm there..

Or a meatpacking plant. Misngth

Nevertheless, still nice work. Thumbsup