Full Version: Nantahala Midland V 3.0
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I haven't been on in awhile. But I always thought you did great work, no matter the version it was.
Thanks 88, hopefully you won't be leaving again any time soon.
O.K. just a little more progress to report. The landforms and basic painting of them are done so the bridge is back in place to stay. I hung a curtain underneath to hide all the clutter and mounted and labeled the carcard boxes. Also have the temporary backdrops up.
Makes a world of difference having those backdrops in place Mike, even if they are temporary Thumbsup


Looking good!!! It's shaping up beautifully! Thumbsup
Thanks guys !
I have the area where the house was done and waiting for an different house. I didn't care for the first one and this one is a PLASTICVILLE Eek Nope ! I didn't know they made N scale and I found this one on a clearence table years ago so I'm going to give it a try.
Mike, I'm sure you can work your 'magic' on it and turn it into a gem!


Hope you are right Kev.
Just keeps getting better and better , Mike ....I'm sure you'll get that kit house to look right .

Thanks T !
While waiting for a break in the weather so I could do some rattle can spray painting I moved to the other side of the river and hide the hole in the backdrop that goes into staging with a tree covered cut. Once the weather co-operated I sprayed the walls, roof and porch and stuck the house back together, still need to paint shutters and glaze windows and what have you.
Once again, you've done a very nice job of blending the modelled scenery into the backdrop. Thumbsup Thumbsup

I like that house, too. Goldth

Good work there Mike, and I really like how the house turned out. Once you get the details done it'll be top notch Thumbsup


Thanks guys!