Full Version: Nantahala Midland V 3.0
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Some time back I decided to retire the engine house I was using for a place holder. It was one of my first scratch builds and not really up to what I wanted now. Also it doesn't really fit my time period for this layout. I used the excuse that the old furnace gave up the ghost and caused a fire but a fellow forum member accused me of having a "insurance fire" to help pay for one of those new fangled (by 1960's standards) metal buildings! Icon_lol
I decide to try one of the Rix kits. I brought in some of my O scale guys to help the N scaler's get the job done faster! Goldth
Hey Mike it looks like the “O” scale guys are goofing off while the “N” scale guys are doing the heavy lifting.

What’s that about?

Southern Tuxedo Wrote:Hey Mike it looks like the “O” scale guys are goofing off while the “N” scale guys are doing the heavy lifting.

What’s that about?


Different union --- different rules ?? Icon_twisted Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
We all know us N scalers are more dedicated then the O scalers! Icon_lol

Anyway here it is on the layout:
You do make N scale look good !!!! Thumbsup Thumbsup
Thanks Pete!
Nifty engine house! The fire above was hilarious! Goldth
Thanks Ralph! I figured rather than just throw the old engine house in the trashcan I might as well have some fun first. Goldth
super Thumbsup , great work Thumbsup Cheers
Mike, I don't know where I have been, but I totally missed this thread. This is a great layout, and the pictures are very impressive.
Getting good shots of N-gauge trains is hard, but you are getting great shots. The gas station is one of my favorites.
Now I will go back and study it some more.
Thanks Harry, glad you like it! Charlie you are right, photographing N scale has been very difficult for me and required buying more camera than I had planned on (I was really hoping to get by with a cheap point and shoot Goldth ). I am still learning but at least I am making progress. Thanks for looking!
Some shots ( good and bad) from early on:
Hi Mike,

that's a joke isn't it?
You'll tell us that this is the whole layout you made this wonderfull photos?? Eek

I coudln't belive it first, but than I checked the photos with the track overview and I found all places on the layout. You did a really great job on this layout. I hope to see more photos the next time.

I designed some nre modules for my Southern layout but I'm not sure when I'll start to build them as I do finish some other projects at the moment.

Bye, Gerd
Icon_lol Yes Gerd that is it, no joke!. Icon_lol I like to tell people the layout is 72 x 28 and when they go "Wow! that's hugh for N scale!" I then explain that it is 72 INCHES by 28 INCHES ! Icon_lol Hopefully it will have a staging yard on each end one day but they won't be scenicked.