Full Version: Nantahala Midland V 3.0
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Good idea to sit on it for a while and see how you feel a few days down the road ......I'm doing the same thing right now with an " over the top " scene on my current layout . I won't post any pics until i decide 357

One thing I did about 10 years ago , trying to achieve depth on a backdrop , was to fog-in white/grey paint between the foreground trees and the background . I didn't have any real trees in the foreground like you do , I was trying to paint the entire backdrop and still give it depth . I made a template out of cardboard , in the shape of the tree tops , held it a couple of inches out from the backdrop , and fogged in the light grey . I don't have any pics of this but it did give me the separation and depth I was looking for and it looked like mist hanging over the trees in the valley ....just an idea .

If the second photo is how it looks to the layout viewer then I think it looks pretty darn good!
Thanks Ralph ! T that's probably above my skill level. 35
Yeah , sure , Mike . Goldth Goldth
Wow Mike, that's some kind of speed build that you show us here.
I like the trees in the background and the perfect matching backdrop.

Cheers, Gerd

PS.: I just bought some plywood for the next two modules but it's still to cold in the workshop to get started...
Thanks Gerd, as far as the speed goes keep in mind the whole addition is only 3 square feet. Icon_lol
I am getting ready to start making trees for my GOYD project. Although I've made a few trees, I've never tackled a forest, so I choose you as my mentor in this endeavor. Big Grin You have always provided great examples of modeling to follow over the years and I thank you for the inspiration. Thumbsup Thumbsup
Thanks Don, much appreciated !
I finally have the hill on the left that hides the hole in the wall, far enough along to post some pics:
Nice! It really looks like that train has come out of a long tunnel through those mountains. I'm seeing the need for an N scale hawk, eagle, or owl perched on one of those dead tree branches! Smile
Thanks Ralph and I am keeping an eye out for some Bald Eagles. So far the ones I have found were too poor of quality.
Took me a bit to remember where this bird always flew....
Found it ! This Hawk has been in this area for a number of years now, then again, this might be the third, or fourth generation later.....
Yeah, right in the center of the picture. This was supposed to be a Sea Gull, but got painted as a Hawk. It is suspended on a fine wire inserted into the end of one of the tree's branches. That casting would have a 6' wingspan in N scale. No, I do not remember the manufacturer of the "gulls".
One of the Sea Gulls, on a sunk harbor tug.
Got an extra one of the one that is flying laying around there anywhere Pete?
He Mike,

3 square feet you said? That's the size of 3 of the new modules I've to build. So keeping your speed as standard, I should get them done within the next couple of weeks Icon_lol

But the weather is freaking me out - it's getting colder than before Eek

Bye, Gerd
Gerd what weather are you refering to?