Full Version: Nantahala Midland V 3.0
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To me that's way better, you can see the different colored boards.

That looks really good.
Thanks guys!
How are you planning to finish your corner joints...since this is "brick"?
The back joints can't be seen once it's on the layout. Front right will be behind a tree and front left might have kudzu growing up it or maybe a downspout. I knew the right side was a little rough but also knew that was the wilderness side so it wouldn't be seen. The left side actually looks fine to the naked eye so I'm not sure I'll do anything with it.
A quick update. The pic of the kit for the unloading/loading stations with one stuck together before painting. Pics after they were done and a pic of everything I have so far for my oil dealership. Not shown is a bunch of chain link fencing that I have from Gold Metal Models.
Nifty collection of models! I really like all of the details on the loading dock scene. The unloader is pretty cool!
Thanks Ralph!
That's a cool little set of structures and vehicles you've got there, and it'll make for a characterful industry.

Looking forward to seeing more. Smile
Thanks Daniel. Several people have pointed out that the hazard labels didn't come in till the 70's and I'm supposed to be in the the 60's so I had to strip and repaint the tanks.
A quick update, still have all the vegetation to do.
Finished with the landscaping on the east side of the river south of the tracks so the hole in the wall is slowly going away. Goldth
That's a big improvement, Mike.....can't see the hole-in-the-forest for the trees. Thumbsup Thumbsup

Thanks Wayne!
The east side of the river is now pretty much done: