Full Version: Nantahala Midland V 3.0
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It would have to be an "older" diesel.....all my N scale rolling stock is steam era..... maybe an Alco HH600 :?: :mrgreen:
It should be right at home on NM trackage Pete!
When I've saved up enough for the trip down there, and to pay for the loco, I'd be happy to give the NM track work the tryout.
Thumbsup 2285_
I took a break from the tree making and started marking the places along the line the railroad would have and also posted the mileage. While the NM doesn't leave the state of NC it does go thru several counties so I'm marking those as well. Hopefully this will give operators a sense of place and less "We will take those cars on that side of the room and put em' this side of the room!" Icon_lol
Some shots from the finished area:
I'm impressed Thumbsup Thumbsup
Me too! That last photo seems to go on for miles! Very nice! Thumbsup
Yeah, that's a very effective blending of modelled scenery and backdrop. Thumbsup Thumbsup

Your layout is like visual vacation for a city boy like me Applause
Thanks guys, much appreciated.
I have to constantly remind myself that you are working in 1:160 scale, and that's not easy to do when I see the level of detail, so well done.
Thanks Pete! Goldth
With the 4th stage (out of 5) of the layout now up and running we held a operating session yesterday and it went well. Now I have to work up the nerve to punch a hole thru the wall Eek into the hallway so the final section of the layout can be built. Nope
Some final shots of the staging yard with it's minimal scenery.