Full Version: Nantahala Midland V 3.0
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Fantastic! I'm an awestruck admirer of the fence as well and i like the rustic track stop. Thumbsup
Thanks for the kind words guys! As much as I would like to take credit for outstanding modeling in regards to the barb wire I'm afraid I can't. It's made by Gold Medal Models and is etched stainless steel. I found it in the super detailing section of the Walthers catalog. I think it is also made in HO as well. It's the best looking chainlink fencing I have ever seen.
One thing about our hobby, when you get tired of one thing or you are waiting for glue or paint to dry there is alway something else you can do. Unlike the furniture company which can only be seen from the track side Macon Pallet's truck loading docks and parking lot as well as the alley and road in are clearly visible so I wanted some company vehicles. If you can't read the MPC on the doors don't feel bad, they are a #4 font and the whole sign is 1/8th inch high by 5/32nds long. 35
{ Stupid Question Warning } !!!

In each stack of pallets shipped, is the one on the bottom "used" ?? :o Icon_twisted 357

Great looking trucks !!! Thumbsup Thumbsup
(stupid question answer) Beats the heck out of me, I'll guess yes??? Goldth
1. Whether you use it or not is up to you, but you’re going to pay for it either way.

2. Or do you mean “used” in the sense of new or used? In that case, I think that new pallets would ship on a new pallet and used pallets definitely ship on a used pallet.
Now see #1 above Misngth

Gotta put pallets on something that can be lifted! Smile
Once you use a new pallet it is a used pallet. Do they discount for the bottom pallet because it can't be new because it is being used?
Well then technically all the pallets would be used except for the top one. Misngth

But the owner of the company being a cheap you know what charges extra for all but the top one for stress testing em' !
I love those trucks. The markings on them is perfect and fits the era... You know, you should have posted this work in the HO forum just to confuse people about the scale!

Thanks Matt!
Well it's not done or even open for business yet but Pete has already sent one of his Cindy's Harbor boxcars down for a load!
Seeing that car again brings back a lot of good memories....it was a good visit.
I see that the Nantahala weather is working its "magic". Big Grin Big Grin
Yeah Pete it was a good visit! Cheers Maybe we can do it again one day. Thumbsup And yes the weather really takes it's toll on the Nantahala Midland! Icon_lol