Full Version: Nantahala Midland V 3.0
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N scale is much less forgiving than Horribly Oversized scale :o I'd be hard pressed to duplicate that scene in HO scale :o
Very nicely done !! Thumbsup Thumbsup
Very convincing scene , Mike . Thumbsup

Thanks folks!
That's absolutely charming...one of those details visitors will linger over and mention when they tell people about your layout. Nice! Thumbsup
Thanks Ralph!
Man, it's hard to say anything with my jaw wide open. Great scene, fine details... as usual..... Thumbsup Thumbsup Thumbsup Thumbsup
Much better Mike, I don't think it's too low at all - as my wife said when I showed her the picture; "Swings are supposed to be low so you can drag your heels in the dirt to stop."

Looks spot on to us! Worship
Thanks Don! Dan good to hear I finally got it right. Misngth
Mike You really made a great scene there. I would give you 4 thumbs up if I had four thumbs. These will do Thumbsup Thumbsup Thumbsup Thumbsup
Thanks Charlie!
That scene looks spot on Mike Thumbsup


Thanks Kev!
I assumed the girl "parked" her little brother intentionally in an escape-proof mounted tire to spend some time with her friends Confusedhock:

ps. Yes it is a great little scene Thumbsup
Thanks Reinhard!
Just some pics from the new section