Full Version: Nantahala Midland V 3.0
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Thanks guys!
I think we should take a vote on a creek to the left of the house,Mike don't bother voting anyway but for it. :mrgreen:
You are a big help Catt! Icon_lol Well I have done a little more. Trying to keep with Catt is going to kill me. Eek :hey:
I got the boards up for the backdrop which means I can now isolate the east end staging/fiddle area. I also put up a temp backdrop just to get a idea of how things are looking.
Now that I'm getting some scenery on the hill the house is starting to look like a keeper. Then again maybe not.
Looks like a keeper to me....perhaps a couple of streaks of dirt for a driveway, some suitable fencing and maybe an outbuilding or two. Nice work! Thumbsup Thumbsup

Yeah Wayne, if I keep it I will have to add a driveway and yard and.................... tires me out just thinking about it. Icon_lol
Catt had asked about bears on the layout so here is one. Keep in mind he is only about 1/2 inch tall. Eek
Excellent to see Yogi on the loose 357 I hope he hasn't smelt a hikers picnic Confusedhock:


He looks hungry from here. Eek
It's been a little while since I dropped by here, and now I can see why.... I hate to come face to face with a bear like this. Eek I just hope, for your sake, that this one is well behaved and stays where he's at. 357 357

As usual, I'm impressed with what you're doing here. The proof is when you look at a photo and wonder how that can be N scale and still fool the eye. Your details are amazing. Thumbsup Thumbsup
Thanks Don! For the record one of my little people shot the bear and had him stuffed so he isn't a danger to anyone! Icon_lol
That's some great looking stuff ...real nice work you did there.
Thanks e-paw!
Mike, just so you know....I will be stealing many of your ideas fair and square Misngth
You are more than welcome Richard!