Full Version: Nantahala Midland V 3.0
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Thought it might be appropriate to "plug this in now".....
A Nantahala Midland box car, ( in Horribly Oversize scale Wink ) that found it's way on to the Cindys Harbor line, crossing the Kennequogue river bridge at Cindys Harbor.
Ahead of the F7a are the FTa, and FTb.
Yeah, I figured by now those axle journals have gotten so bad you would need three engines to push it down the track! 35 Icon_lol
Good to see it's still earning it's keep as are the two Cindy's Harbor box cars are down here in NC. I just need to get fresh batteries for the camera so I can prove it. Eek
wasn't it you that went into hospital, and the Gauge found out which one, and drove the switchboard mad asking to talk to Tyson Rayles?

Layout's looking good.
Yes David it was! Icon_lol I appreciated it very much but the hospital didn't.
I forgot that the batteries in the camera were rechargeable! Got them recharged just in time to catch an pair of Cindy's Harbor boxcars crossing the Little Tennessee river on their way to the L&N interchange in Murphy N.C.
Nice shot! Love that bridge scene! Thumbsup
Thanks Ralph!
Catt has finally embarrassed me into getting back to work on the layout. Crazy I'm removing the temporary staging yard on the east end of the layout and adding a bigger yard with more tracks and storage. The old yard area will be turned into scenery. The first pic is where the old yard was and the next two are progress pics on the new yard.
That's great work! Thumbsup
Mike, :wait: Applause :wait: Applause :wait: Applause :wait: Thumbsup Thumbsup
Good to see your working on the NM again.I'm seriously considering starting a new thread on the GVR,with the N scale first, the Z second, and the HO in third place.I'm also trying to decide if I am actually crazy enough to letter NATAHALA MIDLAND in all three scales on boxcars or just go with a large NM on the rightg with reporting marks on the left.
Thanks MountainMan! Catt I'll have to get around to making at least three NM boxcars for slave service between the sawmill in Robbinsville and the industries in Tellico and Murphy and I'm going with the large NM Cheers instead of printing out the full name so go easy on yourself and do the same. Thumbsup BTW they will be orange with black roofs.
O.K. the staging yard is done. Track glued down and wired and tested. The track on the left is a dummy for storing cars not currently in use. As a plus I now have about 5 more square feet to scenic.
Nice addition to the layout that should make it even more fun to operate! Thumbsup
I'm hoping so Ralph.
Not much new. Got the backboard up on the layout. No backdrop yet, have to order more. Put up a safety board along the edges of the staging yard so nothing will hit the floor Eek I hope. Started blocking up some land forms on the layout section. Someone asked me how I was going to get to my workbench with the yard in the way. The end of the yard that attaches to the layout slides over two bolts and is held tight with two nuts that are just finger tight. Remove them and poop the two prong wire connector apart and the whole thing slides right off. Takes less than two minutes to remove and replace.