Full Version: Nantahala Midland V 3.0
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Nice rustic looking scene ... I like the bridge peeking out of the background . Thumbsup

Thanks T !
I have an HO mat that is supposed to represent field grass. However it's too tall for an N scale pasture as you can see by the cow on the left. The cow on the right had her field shaved Eek with a electric razor to give the grass a more realistic height. Not sure what this will do to the long term life of my razor but as we all know the layout is far more important then the razor is! Icon_lol
Grow a beard...shave the field instead! 357 The shorn field looks great for the cow. Thumbsup
Reminds me of the time i did a number on my wife's blender ....chopping up ground foam Eek . Needless to say , the blender became " permanently mine " , and the kitchen got a new ( and more expensive ) one . You won't have that interference with the razor , Mike ....shave away ! 357

Thanks Ralph! T if all it cost you was a blender you got out lucky! Icon_lol
Mike, I've heard of a lot of different uses for an electric razor..........but I've never seen one used to " crop a photo "

357 357 357 357 "Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of-----------
The Shadow knows" ... Icon_twisted Icon_lol
Pete that's the way us model railroaders are we use things for everything except their intended purpose! Icon_lol
Nice to see you back, hard at it!!! You do good work!!!
Thanks Joe !
A scenic challange, the ridge is twice as tall is it is thick making hard to get the illusion of depth.
The second pic , you are standing further back , I gather , and the depth looks great from there . Each side of the big hill is mistier and gives good depth perception ....if you aren't satisfied , maybe add some small coniferous trees in the distance to give more depth ? If the second pic is indicative of where you really stand , in relation to the layout , I think it looks good .

T the second pic is pretty much what you would see if you are standing there looking at it. I'm going to have to look at it for awhile before I make up my mind how I feel about it.
Looks good to me Mike, enough perspective in a photo Thumbsup

I guess it depends how it looks to you from different angles.


Thanks Kev !